Hedvig Opshaug

The Snapshots // Hedvig Opshaug aka The Northern Light

Hedvig is one of those few remarkable women who can combine the Scandinavian minimalism with that French elegance, adds her own touch, and succeed beyond any expectation and at tang moment.

Blogger – The Northern Line & Tod’s Ambassador.



Hedvig Opshaug

The Snapshots // Hedvig Opshaug

They say beauty is in the details. Well, what do you get when many details combine and intertwine? Certainly a memorable moment. On that thought, Hedvig Opshaug from The Northern Light has that simple girlish allure, elevated into another level. Maybe it’s that Carven sweater or that CĂ©line bag that stands out. Or even better, it’s that savoury combination that makes Hedvig stylishly memorable.