Mboko Mobutu

The Snapshots // Mboko Mobutu

A sense of good menswear is that unique ability to combine the right tones into a rich colour canvas fitted into one right-on-the-spot look.

Freelance stylist for Be Magazine & menswear editor for Ghubar Magazine.



Anna Dello Russo

The Snapshots // Anna Dello Russo

When more is more, do the Anna Dello Russo. Dolce & Gabbana style.

Fashion editor and editor at large, Vogue Japan.


Emmanuelle Alt

The Snapshots // Emmanuelle Alt

With her characteristic Parisian chic, uncomplicated style, Emmanuelle Alt shines on a class of her own.

Editor-in-Chief, Vogue Paris.


Miroslava Duma

The Snapshots // Miroslava Duma

Like popping out a comic book strip, the fantastic Miroslava Duma always has the right pieces to shine out any image.

Editor-in-Chief, Buro 24/7.


Caroline Issa

The Snapshots // Caroline Issa

Dressed up or down, Caroline Issa’s impeccable style is only rivalled by her beautiful, genuine smile!

Executive Fashion Director, TANK Magazine.


Lisa Corneliusson

The Snapshots // Lisa Corneliusson
The Snapshots // Lisa Corneliusson

I might be biased being part Scandinavian, but sometimes, it goes beyond that point. With an avant grade, visionary magazine under her arm, a relaxed yet chic sense of style, and an ever cool attitude to her, the lovely Lisa Corneliusson (Editor in Chief of Rodeo Magazine) is always a delight to snap. In a delightful short summer gown, a tribal printed blazer and colorful heels, Lisa shines under the NY sun. Catching a quick smirking moment with her after Diesel Black Gold, outside the Piers, during New York Fashion Week and exchanging a few Swedish words, Lisa caught my eye and has been under my radar ever since. A definite up-and-coming.

Elena Perminova

The Snapshots // Elena Perminova
The Snapshots // Elena Perminova

Always youthful and with a great sense of that inner persona on her style, the lovely Elena Perminova steps in a series of everlasting blue into the Valentino white catwalk, outside the Tuileries. With her long legs complimented by those off white trousers and that bright blue popping against her blond self, Elena proves that a diamond suits everything. And with her keen sense of style, Elena has proven herself to be more than an it girl, but a beautiful fashion diamond, walking on into the industry.