Anna Dello Russo

The Snapshots // Anna Dello Russo

When more is more, do the Anna Dello Russo. Dolce & Gabbana style.

Fashion editor and editor at large, Vogue Japan.



In Portrait: Anna Dello Russo & Carine Roitfeld

The Snapshots // In Portrait: Anna Dello Russo & Carine Roitfeld

Introducing a new segement on The Snapshots… In Portrait.

I love it when people smile. There is no better sense of honesty and true emotion. A smile in the fashion industry is not necessarily rare but catching one in fraganti is not an often sight. Yet on a magic moment outside Valentino during Paris Fashion Week, two legends shared a moment. As they walked along the white carpet, Anna Dello Russo and Carine Roitfeld opened themselves to a shared smile. Contrasting style in a leather jacket and an off the runway Dolce & Gabbana, they almost mirror in their grand attitude. Sometimes, portraits speak larger than life.