Old School J.W. Anderson

The Snapshots // Old School JW Anderson

Perhaps not too old school as J.W. Anderson‘s rise has been so fast, yet it’s always nice to reminisce on his beginnings.



Made in Brazil

The Snapshots // Made in Brazil... Lais Ribeiro & Bruna Tenorio

Made in Brazil, the model edition. The beautiful Lais Ribeiro and Bruna Tenorio.

Models, Women Management NY.


Miroslava Duma

The Snapshots // Miroslava Duma

Like popping out a comic book strip, the fantastic Miroslava Duma always has the right pieces to shine out any image.

Editor-in-Chief, Buro 24/7.


Lisa Corneliusson

The Snapshots // Lisa Corneliusson
The Snapshots // Lisa Corneliusson

I might be biased being part Scandinavian, but sometimes, it goes beyond that point. With an avant grade, visionary magazine under her arm, a relaxed yet chic sense of style, and an ever cool attitude to her, the lovely Lisa Corneliusson (Editor in Chief of Rodeo Magazine) is always a delight to snap. In a delightful short summer gown, a tribal printed blazer and colorful heels, Lisa shines under the NY sun. Catching a quick smirking moment with her after Diesel Black Gold, outside the Piers, during New York Fashion Week and exchanging a few Swedish words, Lisa caught my eye and has been under my radar ever since. A definite up-and-coming.

Andreea Diaconu

The Snapshots // Andreea Diaconu
The Snapshots // Andreea Diaconu

Models Off Duty

As one of the most prstine and most beautiful faces of the industry, Andreea Diaconu (@ IMG Worldwide) has walked most of the coveted runways, graced some of the glossiest magazines and posed for several blue-chip campaigns. Meeting her for the first time, her recent June/JUly 2014 Vogue Paris in mind, it is no wonder why she has charmed the industry throughout. With that exotic, natural beauty and a radiant personality, a dazzling moment of true essence with the lovely Andreea after Hervé Léger by Maz Azria show in New York. Can honestly say, I’m still in awe.

In Fraganti… Anya Ziourova’s In Between The Lines

The Snapshots // Anya Ziourova's In Between the Lines

With that impeccable sense of style catered exactly to her persona, a moment in time with the wonderful Anya Ziourova (Fashion Director @ Tatler Russia & Creative Consultant @ Allure Russia), outside of Ralph Lauren, during New York Fashion Week. The contrast between the lines on the background and the ones from her blouse are a simple image compliment, yet that keen eye for color and detail, never seems to fail her. It truly is about going that extra mile to get that perfect look and reading beyond and in between the lines.

Violaine Bernard

The Snapshots // Melodie Monrose
The Snapshots // Melodie Monrose

With a warm and endearing red smile, the beautiful Violaine Bernard (Fashion Director @ Velour Magazine) steps out of the 3.1 Phillip Lim during New York Fashion Week. Somewhere in between that choice of lipstick colour, that pixie haircut, and that wonderful mixture of print and texture, an urban, confident woman shines through. Some women just have it. That’s all that needs to be said.